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Our Website has been the leading education search provider for every student, whether you're in high school or a mother of two returning to school. One in eight high school seniors use Our Website. Our Website has continue to grow daily attracted more than 50000 users till now. If that doesn't prove our worth, then maybe our database will.

As a education matching service, Our Website trying to match users to educations based on their qualifications, meaning students have a better chance of winning.

Our Website not only finds students educations but we also provide a plethora of information and guidance as students find their college or first job. We provide current news on financial aid, educations, college, jobs and internships, and student life. Essentially, our site is tailored to your needs regardless of where you are within the college or graduate search process.

Our Website serves a national community of students, parents, education providers, and educators by committing to provide every student with the tools necessary to fund their higher education goals.